One Shaman – Finesse

If by now you are still doubting the finesse of lyrical athlete, , then you might want to change your name to Peter. He seals all skepticism with a new spice aptly titled “Finesse.”

This latest effort is something short and jiggy off the stash and stables of the rapper and it comes after the recent delivery of “Braam Baby.”

However, has been hard at work all year long and his streak cannot even be called into question.

Only thing is the fact that he’s tuned up the buzz a notch as he prepares to sanction his debut “Ground Jewels” album soon.

This way, he goes on a 2-minute long, solo verse of destruction of lyrical lines on bars as produced by .

This is not even about showing off the clout, status and class anymore even though he flaunts these qualities right in the faces of the haters and doubters.

In fact, goes further to increase his cred with a world of flair, panache, adeptness, artistry, mastery and genius.

“Finesse” is definitely your visa to the world of flex and you definitely want to pile up on the street validity.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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