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Nwaiiza (Thel’induku) – Ndinik’amehlo (IculoLikaMama)




“Ndinik’amehlo (IculoLikaMama)” is one deep piece off the stash and stables of . The story behind this effort is simply genius.

Yet, this Disc Jockey and Producer who is buzzing all across these streets looks to have become one of the most consistent players and playmakers of music this season.

This latest effort comes on the heels of his delivery of and one which he made in collaboration with General, Mr Thela.

who holds affiliations with BW Productions of industry titan, uBizza Wethu. Yet, his own genius and artistry continues to be celebrated across board.

Reason why he has continued to sanction such banging episodes too numerous to mention, list or document.

Yet, such efforts as “Cross Levels Vol.3 (15K Appreciation Mix),” “Anthem Ka Niddo,” “Nguban Obesazi,” and “Rejections,” readily comes to mind.

This time and with “Ndinik’amehlo (IculoLikaMama),” the master of the decks and turntables re-engineers the sounds his mother’s favourite song titled “Ndinik’amehlo Ndikhangele” and changed into something even more blissful.

This effort is just about the brilliance overall and one you definitely want to connect with in the celebration of good music with elements across genres.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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