Nasty C – Vent

Nasty C - Vent
– Vent

Damn, goes all lyrical venting with “Vent” which is the 14th track off the “Bad Hair” . He goes on a victory dance and lap on this one saying he’s finally made bank and made everyone around proud.

“Vent” does stress the outcome of hard work complimenting talent. says he was just a rough diamond that shone through because he got into the right hands.

Now, he’s all business and the money makes him grounded and stuff. However, he also doesn’t want to be grounded in some other way by a lady who’d put him in cuffs.

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Nasty C, Runtown & Denise - Allofo

However, it is just absolutely certain that with the “Bad Hair” , Nasty C is making history and we are absolutely happy to be witnessing it.

and download “Vent”, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section below.

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