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Nasty C – Bad Hair Album




Young and Uber Talented South African lyricist, Nsikayesizwe David Ngcobo more famously known as is expected to drop his debut titled “Bad Hair” anytime from now. To be honest, this is the most anticipated on the continent of Africa and beyond in recent times.

This multi-talented kid is a hip hop musician, songwriter and a producer. Importantly, He’s got the lyrical content, flow and delivery that might make him eligible for a Nobel Prize in Literature someday. Little wonder the excitement and anticipation for the “Bad Hair” has become so intense.

Having dropped so much smoking and globally acclaimed hits including “”, “Juice Back” and “Hell Naw”, just to name a few; is one of the most talented geniuses in today’s industry filled with a lot of talented artistes and rappers.

He’s also featured such heavyweights and superstars on the music circuit such as Cassper Nyovest, Nigerian, Davido, Tshego, Emtee, and a host of others. These, in addition to the joints by even more superstars he’s been a feature on their various joints and gigs.

However, there’s the funny vibe amongst music fans that featuring on your track is tantamount to stupidity and suicide because the whizz-kid destroys the whole thing, takes the glory and makes you look like an artiste with no talent and who should be long gone into retirement.

Yet, in all of these, it is very easy to forget the fact that Nasty C is still only 19 years old and was born less than two decades ago. In fact, many of his current contemporaries were already doing music before he was born and now he shares stages and mics with them.

Therefore, for Nasty C, his story is already a potential folklore on the hip hop scene for generations yet to come. However, this “Bad Hair” would only further cement his name as one of the greats that ever walked the circuit.

For someone who started music at the age of 9, dropped massive hits before he was even allowed to legally drink a beer and then releasing his debut album titled “Bad Hair” at the age of 19; Nasty C does hold a talent and grace really special.

To also put the expectation and anticipation into perspective, Slikour On Life took to social media to ask fans what they’d love to hear on the “Bad Hair” album and also to mention their favourite Nasty C lyrics. The responses were overwhelming as you will find out below.

untitled1 untitled2untitled3 untitled4 untitled5The expectation Nasty C does carry on his young shoulders is huge and he doesn’t even disappoint. We hope the “Bad Hair” album will be another stroll in the park for this talented MC, who’s stayed true to the game through a bout of discipline, dedication and handwork; since they say there’s only a limit to how much your talent can carry you.

As we anticipate “Bad Hair”, we thought we should dedicate a post to Nasty C and all he has been able to achieve because he thoroughly deserves that. In fact, we believe he’s not being celebrated enough and someone should already be writing the Nasty C biography.

The following are a list of top-notch Nasty C songs that made the cut on the “Bad Hair” album:

cooltext211838576184784Some of the songs were already released as singles, views Nasty C’s Bad Hair full album tracklist and singles below:

1. Bad Hair (Intro)
2. Drink Water
3. Questions (feat. Shikanah)
4. 4 Four
5. Follow or Go Missing
6. Problems (feat. Erick Rush)
7. Dont Do it (Extended)*
8. Love Interest (feat. Tshego &Cassper Nyovest)
9. Hell Naw
10. Squad Goals
11. Young King (Interlude)
12. Trap Conscious (feat. AKA)
13. Switched Up
14. Tell Em’ C
15. Nsikayesizwe
16. Ivyisstillinmyveins
17. We Got It (feat. Emtee)

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  1. Mc real

    2016-10-25 at 20:12

    This album is Dope…. Each Track is a Hit… Thumbs up Nasty C

  2. Decide

    2017-01-28 at 17:27

    i Love this website. nasty c big up. Decide here from Malawi

  3. proe

    2017-07-02 at 10:53

    good job keep it up man….thumbs up nasty c

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