Monique Bingham x Black Coffee – Deep In The Bottom (of Africa)

In an evergreen tale as and have taken us to edge once again, with a resurfacing of the “Deep in the Bottom (of Africa)” track.

This is particularly dedicated to those who napped on the song when the buzz was initially created about it. It was dropped off the “Ultra South Africa 2017” album.

Born in the United States, Monique has her head and heart deeply rooted in the African soil. Hopefully, with this latest buzz, she would hear the cry of her fans and return to her place on the mic.

For , his impact was deeply felt on the track, however, several hits later, we experience him in a higher dimension on tracks like; “Africa is not a jungle mix“, “Music is King 2019 Appreciation Mix (DJ Mix) 4“, and “When Sun Goes Down” to mention a few. To date, he is one of the big names promoting music style.

If you haven’t caught the bug, do so now. Simply and download this evergreen number. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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