Miano & Seed – Chetsets Ft. Tshabadira

“Chetsets” is the latest delivery off the stash and stables of and Seed. This one features Tshabadira.

While Seed might only be making a debut on this platform, has simply become an icon of the movement.

Especially as he carries that flair, finesse and clout having masterminded nothing but the monster hit records whenever he goes on an outing.

His partnership with the likes of Semi Tee and Kammu Dee might even have birthed one of the strongest blocs of the sub-genre and rightly so with the talents and abilities of the uber-talented trio.

To this length and extents, we have seen such masterpieces and collaborations including “Labantwana Ama Uber,” “Gabadiya” and “Scooter,” just to mention a few.

This time and with “Chetsets,” returns to the core of the sounds and it is an output of the gold and glitter.

Plus, the support of Seed and Tshabidara only sought to add an extra depth and bout of the flavour and vibe for a musical bliss that resonates with the planned groove and grind of the upcoming weekend.

Why have a boring one when Miano already plotted the heat, fire, flames and explosion with this latest entry. Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.
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