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MFR Souls – Bambi Khanda (Dj La Bengwa Re-Visit) Ft. TallArsTee




Dj La Bengwa reignites the flames by blessing our heart this new year with a hot jam from titled, “Bambi Khandi”. Sensational TallArstee features a score on this one.

One thing about DJ La Bengwa is the way he infuses a style of creativity to already existing trends. Since this new year, this DJ has been on all fours firing on all cylinders.

He revisits this jam from that shook the Mzansi dance floor to the marrows last year.

With a touch of melodic beats, vocals, strings of instruments that melts the heart, comes alive strongly on this one.

You would be making a big mistake not to have a taste of this master craft. Simply stream, download, and enjoy. Also, share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.


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