M’erk SA & Mavisto Usenzanii – Asambeni ft. DJ Nemza

M’erk SA and Mavsito Usenzanii have released this hot number; “Asambeni” featuring DJ Nemza.

M’erk SA has in the past worked with DJ TPZ to produce hit scorchers like; “Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe” and “As’bambeki” featuring others like Whybecoz and Crazy bones.

He is also attributed to be a powerful brain behind the single; “Asizwani Nokulala” featuring Foto and Nyora.

Mavisto Usenzani is another powerful force in the creative build of this hit vibe. Mavisto Usenzani recently collaborated with Dj Cross and on the of “Usenzanii Lo”.

His recent moves have been nothing short of excellent, and his choice of feature shows that he well informed and knows his onions when it come to creating long-lasting vibes.

Dj Nemza has put his talents to use in tracks such as “Jikijela”, “Syalo_Sethu”, “iCiroc” with Mr. Vaah, featuring Lui and “ spirit” done with the help of Dj Mafia.

His addition on this new track; “Asambeni” has a blazing feel to it. The trio has served fans with nothing below the standard and the best in the industry.

“Abosisi bendawo” is M’erk SA’s album, released in 2019 and contains tracks such as “Animbambeni” done in collaboration with Dj Aplex, and Dj TPZ, “Drink & Pass Awungbambele” done in collaboration with Dj Aplex, Glacia Boiz, and Dj TPZ and “Asambeki” in collaboration with Whybecoz  and Crazy bones.

Stream this hot track online or simply download for your listening pleasure. You can share with your others and comment your thoughts on this new track too.

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