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Mdu aka TRP – Diligent




“Diligent” rings a bell as one of the hottest jams to be released from the stables of Mdu aka the Yanos super master.

About 3 other singles also follow in line with this delivery as a four course meal presented by the chef and lord of good music, Mdu.

He continually schools his critics on how its being down, and leaves worthy trails for the next generation of hitmakers to pick up from.

Things switch up from zero to 100 pretty fast, especially when he is in charge of the metal tables, with or without the inout of his partner, Bongza.

In this seires, he appears all by himself, leading more mischief with his raging sounds on the likes of “Golden Space” and “Vuka” in the same recent cateogry, of this week’s back to back releases.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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