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Mdu Aka TRP & Bongza – ####2 (Dj Shima’s Remake)




Mdu aka TRP and Bongza, reappear on the timelines as a result of Dj Shima’s commitment to the remake of “####2.”

Dj Shima is out here taking his chances and climbing up the ladder of fame and success with his back to back appearances on the main stage.

He is gradually incorporating his name in the classic corners, after hitting the notes a few times in his massive deliveries.

It has been months since he graced this platform with something equally as solid as this, and to that, he gets the accolades for a job well done on “Family.”

It is a great time to witness him take over once again, and he gets the stunning right to have a go at the original sounds of the Yanos masterminds, also known as Mdu and Bongza the explosive duo.

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Mdu Aka TRP & Bongza – ####2 (Dj Shima’s Remake)

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