MashBeatz – Fire In the Water Album

SA production maestro, Mash Beatz has dropped his latest “Fire in the Water.” The was released today and is an interesting compilation of his singles released earlier on as well as some new sizzlers.

The release is coming right after the success of the “Thanks for Nothing” project which was released in 2018.

The former played home to a couple of hit sounds including; “Thanks for Nun”, Everything is not enough”, “Nyr,”, “Baby,” “Can I see you again,” amongst many others.

His latest album features A-Reece on 11 tracks asides a track which also featured IMP THA DON titled; “Round of Applause.” He also got the support of a host of other acts including Wordz, Ex Global and Krish.

A-Reece has been a constant feature on Mash Beatz sounds and has taken more prominence on this recently released project.

This year, he released “On God”, a track featuring Wordz, and Honest also featuring A-Reece. The tracks on this latest album include; “Gold Fleece”, “Lifestyle”, “They say”, “Red Tuesday”, “Mi Casa Su Casa”, “Cuz” and many others.

The 15 track album is a true representation of the style for which he stands, and is worthy of accolades due the output of his creative efforts on the blazing hot recently released album.


1. – Divine ft. A-Reece

2. – My Mom ft. A-Reece

3. – MeduSA ft. A-Reece & Krish

4. MashBeatz – Gold Fleece ft. A-Reece & Krish

5. MashBeatz – LifesTyle ft. A-Reece

6. MashBeatz – They Say ft. A-Reece, Wordz & Ex-Global

7. MashBeatz – Red Tuesday ft. A-Reece

8. MashBeatz – 777 ft. A-Reece, Krish & IMP DA DON

9. MashBeatz – Fallen Heroes ft. A-Reeece

10. MashBeatz – Round of Applause ft. IMP DA DON & Krish

11. MashBeatz – A Don’s Testimony ft. IMP DA DON

12. MashBeatz – Snake Island ft. A-Reece

13. MashBeatz – Mi Casa Su CasA ft. A-Reece

14. MashBeatz – Noah’s Ark ft. A-Reece & Krish

15. MashBeatz – Cuz’ ft. Wordz & A-Reece

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