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Mapara A Jazz – John Vuli Gate Album




finally have the express will to take over, with as the launch the to the track that has taken over the viral trend tables, “John Vuli Gate .”

After putting in so much hard work on the promotion of their brand so far, it is finally paying off, as they have the floor of fame and stardom this season.

It all started with one of the best decisions made the by the duo so far in featuring Colano and Ntosh Gaz on the “John Vuli Gate” single.

Right after, the gateway to the challenge was opened, and from there it became a massive hit, spreading beyond the shores of SA.

As a continuation from that buzz, they have featured the likes of Mr Brown, Master KG, Soweto Gospel Choir, with the support of the Open Mic Productions.


  1. Mapipitlane (feat. Dj Obza)
  2. Corona
  3. John Vuli Gate (feat. Ntosh Gazi & Colano)
  4. Right Here (feat. Master KG, Soweto Gospel Choir, Mr Brown & John Delinger)
  5. L.O.V.E (feat. Colano)
  6. Celina (feat. Thabla Soul & Marina Man)
  7. Dance Regal (feat. Jazzy Deep & Colano)
  8. Reja Ya Mokokotlo (feat. Pat Medina)
  9. Selobilobi (feat. Sosopetrol)
  10. Dlegedla (feat. Jazzy Deep & Colano)
  11. Nyesa Mjolo (feat. Jeez Fuza)
  12. Ghost Prayer
  13. I do (feat. Mr Friday & Colano)
  14. Stiletto
  15. Dlala kale rapo
  16. (Bonus) Right Here (feat. Master KG, Soweto Gospel Choir, Mr Brown & John Delinger)

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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