Major Lazer – Orkant Balance Pon It ft. Babes Wodumo & Taranchyla

America’s electronic dance music trio can stake a bold claim to understanding genres of music from Africa and to have worked with some of its finest acts too.

“Orkant / Balance Pon It” is a track of the group’s “Afrobeats Mix,” an ambitious melding of, as the title implies, afrobeats. And, one must say, the group made a game of the track. You are left wondering where the mastery came from.

began in 2008 as a band of 2, Switch and Diplo. Switch left after just 3 years, and Diplo recruited Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, making it a troika.

The group stands out for its eclecticism and versatility, as it has made inroads into other genres including reggae, soca, dance and moombahton. Afrobeats is just one of its ventures.

You will be mistaken to think “Orkant / Balance Pon It” is its first African collaboration. The group, which has some well received albums to its name, including “Free the Universe,” and “Peace is the Mission,” has collaborated with Nigeria’s Wizkid in “Naughty Ride” earlier.

This feature would be Queen and “Ka Dazz” crooner ’s second international exposure, having appeared in the soundtrack of the movie “Black Panther” previously.

Taranchyla, America’s dance dervish, gave “Orkant / Balance Pon It” part of its appeal, as you will fing out shortly. Just listen to the song.

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