Major CPT – Evolution (The Uprising) Album

, the entertaining sensation packs the bass in this latest project, as he aptly titles it “Evolution (The Uprising) .

The Cape Town-based hitmaker is being revered as a multi-talent, with his interest in producing, Editing, Designing and of course, functioning as a vocalist.

This has helped the springboard of his career so far, as he has given his very best to make an impact in these various spheres of creativity, despite his commitment to music. Hence he also a manager at Team fam records, under which he makes his effort public.

This might be his debut platform entry, but definitely not his first major entry as an artist, as he expressed himself in “God With Us”, “Nightfall”, “Paroxysm”, and “Old Skul Ntoz”.

Still reigning in all its glory and receiving the present buzz is his evergreen “UBIZO”, on which he plans to rework in his upcoming EP.

This contains 14 tracks;

  1. (Intro) Intwe Njani Le
  2. Summer Vibe
  3.  Engihluphayo
  4. – Ganda Ganda (feat. Sthera The Vocalist & Sporo Vocalistic & Ledza CPT)
  5. Old Skul Ntoz
  6. Vuma Ntombazana (feat. Sthera The Vocalist & Sporo Vocalistic)
  7. Evolution
  8. Beat Ntoz (feat. Dee [Groove Entertainment])
  9. Sports Car
  10. Going Higher (feat. DJ BayLar)
  11. The Uprising
  12.  Legendary
  13. Chase
  14. Purified

Listen, stream and download. We know you have thoughts on this. Share them in the comment section below.

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