Luu Nineleven – Dlala Ft. DaliWonga

It is a reunion for and and this latest bliss is titled “Dlala.” These fellas have been enjoying such bursts lately as a part of the magical quartet also made up of Kelvin Momo and DJ Stoks.

The waves of these fellas on the streets of has been nothing but extraordinary that they are now regarded as the “Yelele Crew.”

Especially with the success of their monster hit record titled “Yelele” as well as the follow-up effort titled “Thula’Sizwe.”

Yet, Kelvin Momo, DJ Stoks, and have also been achieving success through individual bursts and grind.

Reason why has chosen to recruit only Dalinwonga on this latest venture as he brings the production gem to work on another bliss that is capable of the massive numbers and success.

“Dlala” packs the finest of the instrumentals and musical bliss that it is another potential beastly effort waiting on the fringes to take the industry by storm.

You know you do not want to pass on this latest magical piece that mesmerises and thrills the musical mind and soul.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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