Lunive Deep – Humanity (Slow Jam)

comes on strong as he makes another major reappearance on the scene, titling this entry “Humanity ()”.

Lunive has made so much progress, since the time he was first spotted as a killer act on the decks and on the company of fellow passionate hit-makers.

Early enough, he was wise to pitch his tent to the wagon of the uber-talented Young Killer SA in “Beast”, as well as “Revolution (Angry Bassplay)”, by himself.

The time for the celebration of his struggles finally came and we witnessed a new giant emerge on the Vigro Style II EP“.

Since then, it has been from one hit number to another, including recent entries like; “Road to Jerusalem (Dj Ace Flavour)“, “Trip to Mamelodi (Dj Ace Flavour)“, and “Dubane (Scorpion Kings Flavour)“.

He takes it back to the basic on this entry, shining the light and giving the signal for the next stage of his unique skill and talent, with a bit of magic on the ends of it.

Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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