Luna Florentino – Florentino Mariachi (Mixtape)

goes all out to earn his musical eminence on the competitive South African industry. This is as he unleashes the “Florentino Mariachi” mixtape that’s a project of musical art in all of the rap game’s glory.

While we only like to gloat just a little about ‘we told you so,’ is an exceptional case. Once we heard him on Manu Worldstar‘s Yewen,” we knew we were just going to be hearing more.

He has gone on to shine as an integral part of the boys including Manu Worldstar, Dee XCLSV, and Tony X, who dropped Pissed Off The Neighbours EP, which housed the sizzling piece, We Up.” He dropped those lines on bars on DJ Switch‘s uber-successful,On The Way,” alongside Maraza and Dee XCLSV.

However, is taking the hustle to the doorsteps of South African fans with “Florentino Mariachi.” He personally describes the mixtape in a philosophical way to mean a movement for people with a winning mentality as well as the connection with his fans.

We couldn’t agree more. The tact and craft of Luna shine through entirely and it is a body of work that would leave you with no second of boredom. This is because the rapper goes on an exciting and energetic roll that will simply make you stay woke.

Importantly, “Florentino Mariachi” is just too real in a way that we can as well relate and resonate with. We get his message loud and clear as he kept it totally concise and compact. This is why another emcee’s is just a mixtape by definition for Luna Florentino.

Not all, Luna Florentino avoided those unnecessary fluff, making his style even more appreciated. The mixtape feels like reading your favourite book but with several subjects and chapters that keeps you going nonetheless.

Interestingly, we’ve been feeling “2AM,” which featured Tony X as well as “Time,” which featured Ofentic, even though they might be too early to commission as our early favourites.

“Florentino Mariachi” was executive produced by The Urban Lunatic, who brings some global standards to bare on this work as well as the platform and pedestal for Luna Florentino to flex his lyrical muscles.

It looks like we will be hearing a lot more from the boys as they seem to be feeding on some musical dope we’ll like to get a taste of. Just that “Florentino Mariachi” is our latest dope and our replay button better be on its best behaviour.

Join us in that ride and drive – , but remember to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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