Lulo Café – Legacy 10 Years Album

Lulo Cafe has dropped his gift just in time. The gift in form of his new titled “Legacy 10 years.” True enough the represents the career he has been trying to build over the years and how well he has flourished at it.

The contains 12 tracks which are;

One More Night (feat. St Plaatjies) in collaboration with AudioGasmic SoundZ

Hooked on You (feat. Tumelo)

Tumelo (feat. Katt & Villa)

Call My Number (feat. Hadassah)- with Dr. Moruti

Eye on You (feat. Andz)- with REGALO Joints

The Assassin- with REGALO Joints


Come On- with Felo Le Tee


Arena (feat. Rhey Osborne)

Fly Away (feat. Ms. Dippy)

Ungowami (feat. Villa)

This new is definitely a potential chart-topper and with collaboration and great industry name features, the will do well in these streets.

Just as fans have been wanting, Lulo Cafe has given them and we see this album blazing trails even in the year to come.

We would let you be the judge of that after you have listened to the entire track on the album. We love the way Lulo Cafe seems to be taking it one step at a time, as it is said that good things take time to happen. This might just be it, for Lulo Cafe, as he seems to have a delightful peak in his career.

this entire album, track by track online, kindly drop your comments in the section below as well. Enjoy!

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