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may not be winning the battle with the critics of her dressing, but she is surely winning on the musical side. Her songs have got remarkable range and appeal. “What You Need,” her newest song, proves that yet.

“What You Need,” from her LP “King Zamar” bears a critical theme that has hugged the headlines in Mzansi recently – relationships (that just don’t) work out, and the the tales of abuse that follow. One can give a list of celebrities in Mzansi in this shaky boat.

Part of the lyrics reads:

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So far we’ve agreed that what you have isn’t working
Every time I look at you I feel fire burning
I see your love fading away slowly
Everything you ever hoped for looks impossible
And now your life has reached the place we all know it is no longer productive
And I cannot help but deal with you or me
All the choices you’ve made
All the chances you take.

is not uyou one-song wonder though, as she has displayed remarkable consistency in her output so far, a queen of fine songs. Her previous offerings include: “Baby,” “Gravity,” “El Diego” and “It’s You – Dreaming.”

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If your relationship isn’t working, what you need right now may be just “What You Need.” Listen to it. Meditate on its message on its message. Don’t settle for less or condone the violence in a relationship because you want to belong.

Download “What You Need” below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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