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Kelvin Momo – Spirit (Main Mix)




is not about to lose his positions as a frontline of Mzansi music, and to that end, he has championed “Spirit (Main Mix).”

The private piano movement promoter, has been on the game telling us of the goodness of with his skill and expertise.

He is being celebrated on these streets as one of the legends of the decks, and his affiliation with the top guns have also sparked more interest in his direction.

To this end, he served so much on entries like “More Momo” with Killer Punch and others that have made the cut. We can’t forget easily what he also brought on the “Momo’s Private School Album.

This time around, he conjures the terrestrial powers on the metal tables and does exactly what is given on the brief. Listen, stream and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.


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