Kelvin Momo – Four

“Four” is the latest gem streaming off the stash and stables of Ampiano genius, with all of the vibe and bliss we know he is capable of.

For Thato , being a Disc Jockey and Producer per excellence comes like a second skin. Especially as his streak has been hailed as one of the finest players driving the rage of movement.

To this length and extents, the master of the decks and turntables has been able to deliver a world of stunning records too numerous to list, mention or document.

Yet, masterpieces such as “Imagine,”  “Yelele,” alongside Luu Nineleven, DJ Stoks and DaliWonga, “Zwile Nguban”“False”, “Come Closer,” featuring Benjamin and Thato, and “Pine Tree,” readily comes to mind.

These, in addition to the mix venture that he has now inspired an entire village and army of loyal supporters, fans and followers out of.

This time and with “Four,” again hits the trends and you know his buzz is not about to sizzle any time soon.

This one is another musical engineering that just mesmerises with the soothing beats and stinging instrumentals. There is no way to say no to this beautiful musical creation.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



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