Kandy Koated Music – Flavour (Remix) Ft. DJ Kaymo, Espiquet, Cye, Hopemasta, Yomi Rochy & Lefa M

Just in case you are still wondering if packs the flavour, then you do not have to wonder anymore. This is as they lace “Flavour (Remix)” with the combined craft and artistry of , , , , and .

Do we need even go further to let you know “Flavour (Remix)” comes with the urban grind, anthem and tempo that makes for a chant? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised with the abundance of lyrical mercenaries curating those bars.

Plus, the last time out, hosted most of the fellas on Whip It;” matching the success of that joint with one high-flying, squeaky-clean and crispy-fresh music video.

Now, the boys only adds even more flavour to “Flavour (Remix)” with an abundance of the sauce, spice, and juice for a complete massacre that promises to dominate the airwaves and circuit.

Thumbs up to , , , , and as they made the movement proud on this latest episode that we’ve had the piece of bliss on replay mode ever since.

Great news is the fact that lets “Flavour (Remix)” fly for free download so you definitely want to grab your own dose of musical kandy.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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