K.O – The Warning

The sophomore Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) album of the Skhanda Gawd himself, is the trending project in the world of SA . The eight track off that project is titled “The Warning,” and fellas there’s nothing subtle about this effort as you can already imagine.

“The Warning” is simply about sounding off the lyrical caution to those who’d step back to listen. This OG is a royal by all standards and also he’s laced off the gloves as a pugilist to sound off his words of wisdom. Especially those who would readily put him down with all that he’s done and the sacrifices he’s made.

In their time, Prophets aren’t listened to but not . This is a technical Knock Out as the haters and distractors hold no chance anyway. We’ve towed the path of caution and have documented “The Warning” as our handbook not to step out of line.

In summary, “The Warning” is all fire and flames – the kind of masterpiece that we’ve come to know and appreciate Mr  for; or do we say Mr ?

You better choose to stay on the safe side. Simply cop, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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