K.O – Pretty Young Thing

The King is back! This is as the ever savvy boss of , Mr Cashtime himself, drops his first jam of the year titled Pretty Young Thing and the Don Dada wears his heart on his sleeves on this one as he might be deeply and very much in love.

We’ve been very much anticipating this effort for a while and you know whenever the genius speaks, he simply spits fire. However, this fire is laced with an abundance of lovely vibes, lyrics that stream right into the depths of the heart and soul.

On Pretty Young Thing,  becomes the love doctor-in-chief as he critically examines the most vital issues about love and relationships. He gives his experience of the most salient issues of love – its beauty, its pains and its blindness.

Mr Cashtime streams into 2017 with a piece of awesomeness even after destroying 2016 with an abundance of dope efforts such as Don Dada, KOrruption, Fall Back and Papa Action. These in addition to several chart-topping hits songs as Pholas, Jungle, and Amatrophy.

You can get into the mood of ‘s love inspired vibe and this is real love in its most beautiful form. You’ve only got to cup Pretty Young Thing as it is an early Valentine’s gift for lovebirds.

However, you’ve also got to head to the comments section to share your thoughts and opinion as with other music fans who are currently going hysterical and ballistic over this masterclass from the genius.


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