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Joyous Celebration – Retlathaba (Live At Sun City, 2020)




There are still a couple more hits from this super sensational group, one of which is “Retlathaba ( At Sun City, 2020).”

Though every other thing might have changed, what remains constant with this group is the quality of music they serve each time.

The group has witnessed several generations of heavenly voices, and quite a number of acts were once members of this group.

The group has been in existence since the 90s but since then there has a lot of dynamics to who they are and what they also represent.

This year, there has been a sweep of their classics across the timelines, and to that effect, we were treated to the likes of “Jesus Is Lord Medley” not so long ago. This is another blistering rendition from the group as a performance.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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