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Joyous Celebration 25 – Still We Rise Album (Live At The Joburg Theatre)




Joyous Celebration have let out a symphony of sonorous sounds with the presentation of “Still We Rise Album ( At The Joburg Theatre).”

It is the 25 anniversary of this wonderful group, and they have rightly celebrated this feat with the launch of this project that has housed 16 tracks.

Since the group was birthed, it has seen a lot of stars rising and taking the front seas as promoters of Mzansi music.

Regardless of the few exits, the group has experienced, it thrives on the renewal of energy with the new generation as a replacement to the former.

To mark this highlight, they have performed the entire project , and for such a lengthy tracklist, they also exceeded expectations with no major feature. The progression of the tracks is on point, scoring another goal for the group.


  1. Ndenzel’ Uncedo Hymn 377 ()
  2. Thank You Lord (Live)
  3. Ka Mehla (Live)
  4. Bonginkosi Ngazo (Live)
  5. Jesus is Lord Medley (Live)
  6. Elakho Liphezulu (Live)
  7. Sofana Naye (Live)
  8. Cela (Live)
  9. Sebenza Ngami (Live)
  10. Grace and Mercy (Live)
  11. The Victory Song (Live)
  12. In Christ We Stand (Live)
  13. Mayenzek’ Intando Yakho (Live)
  14. Camagu Ngonyama (Live)
  15. Days of Elijah (Live)
  16. Ngiyanikela (Live)

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