Joshua The I Am – FeelS

Joshua The I Am might not have won the Vuzu Hustle, but he knows quite too well his hustle is just getting started. He’s launched his debut offering of 2018 and he titles it “Feels.”

Deep, soulful and powerful, Joshua The I Am simply made “Feels” a window into his own world and makes it a documentary of where he is currently as he navigates through some of life’s stormy weather.

It is definitely not on a daily basis we get an artist who goes deep on a poetic and artistic creation using himself as the subject matter, while remaining so honest and eloquent about their struggles.

Joshua The I Am does sound like he’d be buzzing more across the circuit this year as “Feels” is the first of three songs he plots to unveil over the next three weeks.

Until then, we will just key right into the message we feel the newly-signed Vth Season rapper is trying to pass across. Great news is the fact that he lets it fly for free download so you can join us in the mellow mood as well.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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