J Molley – Dreams Money Can Buy

Breath of fresh air, is just no hype; he is the real deal. Now, he is all out to further assert that highly-rated tag on the game as he unleashes his debut project titled “Dreams Money Can Buy.” Make no mistake, there’s no going back the moment you stream on the first track of this piece.

This is because Jesse Molley has got it all. The piercing vocals, the artistic drive, the captivating, laid-back delivery, the target lines that’s so on point and an overall structure that proves musical maturity beyond his young years.

At only 18, is proving to be the one for the future on the South African music circuit. However, with projects such as “Dreams Money Can Buy,” he is also laying a stake for the present as well.

The 9-track project is an absolute masterclass with such efforts as “200 On My Wrist” and “Desire” that are just dope as well as mind-blowing. The effort features pH and Ricco; two exciting acts that only added more depth to “Dreams Money Can Buy.” The project was mainly produced by I’m Not Goofy with support from Ganja Beatz.

Excitingly, it tells a story about ‘s experiences and all he has been going through. He’s been involved in issues with several teams and labels that meant he couldn’t release songs through obligations and restrictions. Now that he has become an independent act, we believe SA fans might not even be fully prepared for his fierce.

He has featured to critical acclaim on DJ Capital‘s On Me as well as DJ Speedsta‘s I Don’t Know. On those two occasions, he took his verses to bed and got us to notice more of his artistry and craft.

With “Dreams Money Can Buy,” he his now set to share those abilities with the world. It might have been long-overdue, but it truly signals some more exciting times for the stage.

What a massive power this lyricist and vocalist packs? You better stream “Dreams Money Can Buy” on SoundCloud and let’s gloat a bit about telling you so!

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