Isaac Dennison – BRONCO

The music video for Bronco explores themes of anarchy and rebellion among our youth. The video portrays kids being rugged, tough and simply cool, donned in black leather and ripped denim with a nice grunge rock aesthetic from the 90s or late 80s.

BRONCO resembles a disorganised mess of anarchic, absurdist storytelling which utilised the techniques of collage; surrealism, Punk culture, the cut-up technique, stream of consciousness and metafiction.

It is an exaggerated portrayal of how urban life should be. In the modern world where kids are homebodies who stay indoors playing Fortnite and in a place where cyber bullying is a real worldly issue.

Bronco is a contrast on how kids should be brave, strong, ready to “throw a fist” and bleed. It’s a music video about a promise not to be fragile or “delicate kids” and about their world.

The video will use the Netflix series “The End of the Fucking World” and the 1995 film “Kids” as visual references.

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