GT Da Guitarman – Ife Dakun

GT Da Guitarman digs deep into his stables of vocals as he blesses lovers on this occasion of the St Valentine’s day with a masterclass titled Ife Dakun.

For those who might have been lucky enough to enjoy true loyalty of love and friendship, Ife Dakun would definitely resonate with them in the deepest corners of their heart and soul.

However, this effort also puts GT Da Guitarman in a class of those evergreen musical artists who combine valid musical content, delivery and craft that is of top notch value.

Some of his other rave-making outings include Ejika, Truly, Dreamer, Ori Olola and Hustle. We are only sure this one will enjoy massive fan-goodwill and acceptance considering this special season of love.

Make your Valentine’s Day even better – and download Ife Dakun; then share your thoughts and opinion on this love inspired-vibe in the comments section below.

GT Da Guitarman – Ife Dakun Mp3 Download


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