Golden Black – BAM Album

– BAM . Source: /Twitter

After a world of anticipation, Durban based group, have finally premiered their debut “BAM .”

Such has been the rave, grind and streak of the boys that we have seen them unleash some belters in the game.

Efforts such as “JB Smoove” with Trallavelle, and “Dan LaRusso,” which featured Nasty C readily comes to mind.

However, might be well-regarded for their legend of the remixes in a 2-in-1 bout that they titled“Rigorous Hit The Fan,” alongside Reason and DJ Zan D, as well as “BS Hit The Fan.”

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This time and with the “BAM ,” the group rightly assumes a stage they are deserving of with an entire body of work that’s proof of their talents, craft, artistry and abilities.

Source: Golden Black/Twitter

To this length and extents, Golden Black brings the finest of lyrical presence, the valid content, superb delivery, golden production as well as an over style and finesse to make a gem of the 15-track project of musical art.

Plus, they got the support of the likes of Tellaman, Erick Rush, Reden Parker, La Bron, Zakwe, Dann Avenew and Keisha Brooks to further bring the ammunition and firepower to bare on the “BAM Album” that’s all fire and flames.

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In the end, the “BAM Album” is one addictive overall that we have had on replay mode as a feast and fest. We also invite you to join in that mood and groove.

Simply cop a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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