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Frank Casino – Come Alive




It is about to be a lit weekend as Frank Casino throws down the gauntlet for a brand new fierce that he titles “Come Alive.” This joint is hella flames.

The New School act has been unrelenting with his new found status on the circuit in recent times and launched “Money Calling” alongside Nadia Nakai in June.

However, he has also provided the ladders of support for on the monster hit single titled “Wutang” as well as his feature on ’s “Jimmy Choos Remix.”

This time out, Frank Casino is all set to drop his “Heroes Of Tomorrow” EP on the 9th of November and “Come Alive” is the promotional piece off that project of musical art.

On this latest buzz, Frank Casino simply wants you to you to know he is all about to extend his floss and flaunt on the circuit.

This way, he comes clean about his personality as well as the special damsel who seems to hold his heart, feelings and emotions on lock down mode.

The industry has come to accept the fact that Frank Casino packs the grind, only thing is the fact that his fierce looks to be one that’s set to become a culture.

We have had this latest stunner on replay mode ever since and invite you to join in the groove and grind as “Come Alive” packs the vibe.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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