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Entity MusiQ – XESEKXES




has kicked another level of rage, and with the current resources available we have been treated to “XESEKXES.”

Thabang Ntamo, Reinett Kwapeng and Sifiso Hlongwane were once the legends behind the brand known as Entity music, but right now, all that is in the past.

The former group members have moved on to establish a stronger presence on the scene with their solo act, leaving just Thabang Ntamo to row the boat under the same umbrella.

So far so good, things have been balanced on his own end, and he has been given the opportunity to explore various possibilities as the surviving member of the group.

A few months ago, the brand was exposed as a result of the collaboration with Lil’ on the “Black Hour Vol. 1 Mix“, before resuming the decks with some ex-members not so long ago.

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Entity MusiQ – XESEKXES

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