Entity MusiQ & Lil’Mo – Bantu Bamnyama (Love Affair Mix)

One of the best mixes you’ll hear today is “Bantu Bamnyama (Love Affair )” by and Lil’Mo. The constant collaborators blatantly flaunt their creativity in the new tune which spells love from start to finish. It’s obvious they already know what their fans want and continue to dish it back to back.

Almost 2 weeks ago, the label members Reinett Tsiki Xii, Fiso Elusica and Thabang HouseKulcha performed their promised “3Men Show” on the 28th of September and it was a true blast. They didn’t just deliver, they gave their fans enough music memories to last an entire life time.

Before that, they had released “Golden Secrets,” a track that can be described as a masterpiece. The tune also featured Mo (who has sort of become family) and a second contributor, Classic. It fronted beautiful melodic sounds that defined the mystery of a secret.

This time and with “Bantu Bamnyama“, and Lil’ Mo returns with a captivating record that would make you fall in love over and over again.

Their thoughts for the track play out in the in such a way that you can almost hear them breathe into it. Indeed music creation isn’t made for everyone but a select few, them.

For all we know,  will always promote great music. Their singles “Dlala (Gangster MusiQ) with Cheezie Stayela, and the acclaimed feature “Simbonile” with TallArseTee and Tsivo continue to own the airwaves day and night.

To listen to the new , simply stream or download it below. Also leave a comment so we know what you think.


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