Ed Harris, King Retro & Master Dee – Pholas Ft. King Max & SJA



SA’s Ed Harris, King Retro and on the highest level as they launch “Pholas” featuring King Max and SJA.

For one, and Ed Harris have been a strong bond of two supertalented hitmakers, who have chosen to fly the flags of to date.

Together, they have become unbreakable ministers of the electric dance movement, taking over the entire industry one hit at a time.

The lockdown season didn’t stop them from shining the light on the set of the “E-Stream Live Mixtape“, and others in the same category.

They have opened the doors for the likes of King Retro, King Max and SJA to take the credit, on this massive collaboration, which proves as a classic jam.

It’s a perfect presentation, with all the spice and flavour that make up the groovy music, that is now being tagged music.

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