Ecco – Happy Belated ft. A-Reece

Having been supporting several other acts from the background as a collaborator-in-chief, takes centre stage on a brand new scorcher that he titles “Happy Belated.” He scores the heavyweight feature of Young King, .

commissioned the joint TMOMM to critical acclaim alongside fellow rapper, Flame, once he launched on the SA circuit. However, he has been the unsung hero behind several collaboration of many the TWC boys.

Well, it does look like it is his own time to shine as he makes a monster record of “Happy Belated.” In fact, this latest gig packs all the ingredients of a potential smash hit.

Having collaborated severally with on several records; even making the cut on the Baby Boy‘s sophomoreFrom Me To You & Only You album with “Calabasas (Fulfillment),” the duo simply go on for the shine and glitter on “Happy Belated.”

Rapping about how young and successful they are, you will not only get envious and jealous of their roll and status; you’d get pumped with the motivation and inspiration you need to double your own hustle.

Prolific producer, completed the rout on “Happy Belated” with some stunning production that simply made the output insanely breezy, groovy and with the stunning beats as well as superb instrumentals to match.

Get right into the mood and groove of this latest creation with the support of , who is one of SA’s most sought-after rappers with several top-notch collaborations in recent times.

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