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E-Jay – Before The Album (EP)




With E-Jay still enjoying massive fan appeal and punditry rating for his stunning effort, “Nadia Nakai” and also his own version of the “Now Or Never Remix”, he’s now dropped his much anticipated EP titled “Before The Album”.

This EP consists of 5 tracks but the thing is each and everyone of them is fire. We mean absolutely lit!

We think someone should inform this OG that assembling such explosive materials the make up “Before The Album” EP in one place and next to a gasoline tank would be highly dangerous and frowned upon by firefighters

Most of the tracks on this dope EP were mainly produced by Matic and the work of art had notable appearances by OG Trey and Golden Beats on Production.

These are truly exciting times and just in case you missed it, Family Tree‘s damsel, Nadia Nakai also released her fierce “Bragga” Ep and it is still generating massive interest and discourse across various social media channels.

However, We already seem to have our hands full for the weekend thanks to E-Jay‘s masterpiece and superb artistry on “Before The Album”.

Don’t worry, you’ve also been blessed as you can stream the EP below. Just remember to drop your thoughts and opinion on this latest E-Jay effort.


E-Jay – Before The Album Full Ep Download

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