Dumakahle – Ukuhlanya Ngenqondo

– Ukuhlanya Ngenqondo

It is the completion of a takeover as comes through on a spanking jam titled “Ukuhlanya Ngenqondo.” This fella is obviously not done with us yet.

Just when we thought we were finally shaking off the massive hangover from the belting record titled “Utshwala Bephepha,” simply asks us to hold his beer.

Yet, this abundant bag of talent is just like the gold fish with no hiding place and perhaps the reason he caught the attention of the King of in the first place.

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Mnqobi Yazo - Igolide

Well, this is just the continuation of a streak for one act who announced he had signed to Mpungose’s production company in the past campaign after which he released the , 21 QUESTION.

The was his first under the Indlamleze Production Company as he had released three albums prior. The first was with the help of Mbongeleni Zulu back in 2014.

Then, he followed it up in 2016 with the sophomore titled “Umhayi Wenkondlo” and “Izwe Iibe” in 2017.

This time and with “kuhlanya Ngenqondo,” the sensation of Dumakahle looks to be starring us right in the face and ears with the superb sounds and melodies that he brings to bare.

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Unjoko & Mzukulu - Dr 3 Seconds

Plus, his superb delivery skills looks to have become a trademark and we are bold to say his is a moving train which we recommend that you jump on now for the groove, grind as well as the chance at witnessing the birth of a legend in history.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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