Dr. Tumi – The Gathering Of Worshippers Album

Trained medical doctor turned singer, is fast becoming Music’s first megastar. First, he became the first singer to sell out Johannesburg’s 20,000-seater Ticketpro Dome for his Gathering of Worshippers concert. Now, he has released that live event as the “The Gathering Of Worshippers” .

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The 14-track project is a world of uplifting, refreshing and inspiring music. In fact, the “The Gathering Of Worshippers” glorifies the name of God, worships His Presence, appreciates His love and obeys His command.

has emerged as the leading light in the parlance of Christian music with a massive fan base, loyalty and love that even heavyweights around mainstream music can only dream of or imagine.

He is on the road to promote the “The Gathering Of Worshippers” now and the reception has been nothing short of a royal welcome.

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In fact, some analysts have likened the long queues and thundrous applause to something of a political rally. However, Dr Tumi whose real name is Tumisang Makweya hasn’t lost the focus of the heavenly assignment and continues to connect with the fans, kissing babies and hugging the fans as well as thanking them personally.

As a seasoned songwriter and minister of song, the Seshego, Limpopo-born sensation proves with the “The Gathering Of Worshippers” Album that he is in tune with the yearnings of Christians for the Word of God in melodious fashion, while bridging the gap with them and the Kingdom of Christ.

Source: Dr Tumi/Instagram

You’ve really got to get right into the offering that gets your right into the mood for Worship in God’s mighty presence. Simply cop, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


1. Worthy of All Our Praise (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

2. Open Heaven (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

3. Crushing In You (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

4. Speak a Word (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

5. Trust and Obey (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

6. Because of Jesus (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

7. There’s No Other Name (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

8. None Like You (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

9. You Alone (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

10. Someone Like You (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

11. Holy (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

12. Jesus Lives (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

13. I Love You Jesus (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

14. Raging Fire (Live At The Ticketpro Dome)

Check out the album here:

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