Dr Malinga – Indlela Ft. Kwesta

The season 2019 heats up with perhaps the biggest collaboration yet between industry heavyweights, and Dakar. Titled, “Indlela,” the duo simply achieve a musical bliss.

What better holy grail of music could be better than an effort between these high-flyers?

who is the boss at Lingas entertainment is known for his roll of stunning monster hit records as well as his eccentric performances to match a comic overall.

Records such as “Akulaleki,” “Nyusi Volume,” which featured DJ Tira, DJ Mlungu & DJ Ngamla, and “Romeo & Juliet,”  alongside Olusheyeh readily comes to mind.

on his part calls the shorts at RapLyf records and he is one of the best selling acts ever in the world of South African .

The massive success if his evergreen classic “Dakar II Album” is well-documented.

Only thing is the fact that the two banishes the barriers of genre as they make “Indlela” a deep and powerful love song that streams right into the depths of the heart and .

“Indlela” comes at the most iconic moment as we round off the month of love, but this is one that will live in minds for weeks to come.

You know it doesn’t get any better than this cupid belter with the most beautiful descriptions and adjectives for that special woman off the stash and stables of and .

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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