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DJ Yongs & Zakes-D – Wena Wedwa



DJ Yongs & Zakes-D unleash a fierce up-tempo Afro anthem that’s simply dedicated to its banging beats. This latest original mix effort is titled “Wena Wedwa”. 

Ready to dig it out on the dance floor? The potential of the duo is all very glaring and the Afro flavour is simply heavy. Just about the way we like to rock and roll.

“Wena Wedwa” might mean “You Alone” and might bother on matters of the heart, but this one will get your feet itchy and make you dash for the dance floor. The strategic drum and roll is all wavy and fierce.

However, we’ll be leaving you to DJ Yongs & Zakes-D for you to stream their “Wena Wedwa” bangs and form an opinion. Just remember to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

DJ Yongs & Zakes-D – Wena Wedwa (Original Mix)

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