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DJ Tears PLK – Great Power Vol. 2 Album




Tears PLK brings the roof down with the presentation he has lined up on the for the “Great Power Vol. 2 Album.”

He only took a short to return stranger and that is the exact testimony of Tears, just before he returned this year with “Absolute Sadness (Valentine Special).

That was after he proved himself last season, taking us on a journey through the various timelines of the year, with his take on the decks.

This project was always around the corner to come soon, and even sooner than expected he has let the cat out of the bag, and with just 16 tracks, he has done a good job of claiming his spot as a top-ranking hitmaker.

Another major feat he establishes is his solo act throughout the entire project, with the exemption of two tracks, talk about skill and expertise.


  1. Absolute Sadness (Cover)
  2. I’d Rather Follow You
  3. Forgive Me
  4. Being Alive
  5. Thank You Mama
  6. Lose Yourself (Kasi Deep)
  7. Let Me Save You
  8. Don’t Get in My Way
  9. I Wanted to Reach You (Dream-Walker) (feat. Kuli Mk)
  10. Kwanzima (feat. Sizwe)
  11. Tough Goodbye
  12. Distant Voices
  13. Familiar Faces
  14. Kota
  15. Dancing Spirits
  16. Faiyo

Listen, and download. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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