DJ Sliqe – Kasi Anthem ft. Emtee & MarazA

With ’s “Navy Black” album still buzzing across the trends, he quickly extends the lifespan of the project as he commissions the visuals for “Kasi Anthem.” The effort features and .

Alongside Makwa, might have masterminded one of the finest projects of this campaign. Only thing is the fact that one track stands out of the 11-track project of musical art.

“Kasi Anthem” streamed off as the 10th track of the solid body of work and it is one that carries a world of valid content.

Now, that we have the music video for the record, only makes it a reunion with Makwa, and as they properly connect their message with the visuals that resonates.

“Kasi Anthem” is about the dream and aspirations of every Kasi child as well as the daily struggles faced in the quest for success and towards making it to the top.

More interesting is the fact that these acts themselves documents their come up story with going for the breezy deliveries while adds the stunning vocals to his lines.

In the end, “Kasi Anthem” is powerful, soulful, emotional and inspiring. You better get your own plot set up as you navigate unto the better days.

Simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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