DJ LeSoul – Amabele Ft. Deep Narratives, TNS & BlaQRhythm



, the international star, is back on her grind with the launch of this single, “Amabele” featuring the stars, , and BlaQRhythm.

From streets of KwaMushu, shines forth the star Disc Jockey and Producer, who proves that it is truly possible to be consistent with quality music, regardless of time and trend.

Her passion and drive for music have led her to the top spots in the industry so far, as she also serves a new dimension to her craft, each time she appears on the decks and turntables.

After a short hiatus on the grid of single hits, she returned this year with “Godly Infection“, before attempting to take over on this to map out the year’s achievements.

, and BlaQRhythm are part of the plot to take control, and just as predicted, this is mind-blowing.

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