DJ ACE SA – Let it Go (Away) ft. Lavender

SA – Let it Go (Away) ft. Lavender. Source: SA/Facebook

If you still have any doubts about  SA being the most hardworking disc jockey in the whole of SA, maybe you need to think again. Now, he’s let another single fly that he titles “Let It Go (Away)” and he calls on the feature of Lavender.

Now, we believe the Team No Sleep appellation of the talented master of the beats, decks and turntables is not just for the fun of it. In recent times, he commissioned two albums in the King of Slow Jam and Team No Sleep albums in a single day.

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You might think he wouldn’t let another single fly till next year 2018. However, SA whose real name is Ace Van Harred wasn’t done yet. He then dropped Shayi Wowo,” “Skaba Hemisa (Crazy Drums),” “Aphi’Amadoda,” and Cross Borders Slow Jam (AMApiano Mix),” in quick successions.

Now he has followed it up with “Let It Go (Away)” and again the roll of energetic, lively, up-beat, up-tempo and hard- hitting rain of beats cannot just be mistaken. In fact, this record is a dance groove for the season but we know isn’t done just yet.

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Lavender did amazing with her golden vocals that further puts “Let It Go (Away)” into better perspective. In the end, the jam is one that’s just a masterclass and extends the never-ending streak of .

As always, the benevolent DJ let this effort fly for free download with a DataFileHost link so you can at least show the support by grooving and grinding to it as properly as you should.

Simply , download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.



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