De Mthuda & Semi Tee – Khethile Khethile

It is an all out party on and ’s new collaborative single “Khethile Khetile”. The two frontliners deliver the dominant sound in all its glory for everyone to enjoy.

If you know or have heard of talented crooner, , then you know he’s no amateur to creating excellent tunes. In fact, he’s so good, the beat sounds like he bore them himself.

His sounds possess a certain signature that only he can place in them. The songs are usually calm, with hints of jazz, impressively uplifting and unique to state the least.

The talented disc jockey and hit creator stole the scene a while back with his hit song “Shesha” which made more waves than anything he ever released before it.

Within a matter of weeks, the song caught on and spread like wild fire. It became almost everyone’s favourite track and possessed non-Amapiano lovers into appreciating it enough.

His fellow collaborator, has on his own side made a huge name for himself through his music. He practically speaks through it, giving voice to his beats and letting them create an emotion that only the mind can interpret.

This year he’s dropped the “Superstars (Original Mix)”, “Some Time Apart” with Kwiish SA, “Mr Tsapada (Original Mix)”.

On their new song “Khethile Khethile”, we swear, Amapiano smiled a really toothy smile for all that they created. The song carries every ounce of their love for the genre.

The two DJs shed bliss on the track and make it the most soothing piece of music.

Hear for yourself, simply and download the song below. Also leave your thoughts on it in the comments section.


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