Dala Fam – Incubator (Tribute To Siya)

Amazing gesture off the stash and stables of as he drops a brand new record which he titles “Incubator (Tribute To Siya).” He dedicates this one to industry veteran and icon, .

With recent unfortunate events hitting the world of SA hard this year; especially with the passing of greats such as HHP and PRO, this record comes at the perfect time.

Many fans are now fed up with these heavyweights being celebrated after they are gone, even with all of the contributions they have made towards the growth of the industry and culture.

Well, we hope and pray is around for several decades to come but it feels good to also see presenting the man the flowers while he is still here.

Especially since the Voice of Limpopo regards as a mentor and hero having been giving a platform to shine as an alumni of the SOL Incubator – Class of 2017.

Therefore, “Incubator (Tribute To Siya)” is just the celebration of one personality who continues to lay the groundwork, framework and platform for many up and coming talents from the streets to stardom.

Excitingly, “Incubator (Tribute To Siya)” continues a pattern of doped-out efforts off the stash and stables of after such impressive outings.

Records such as “Interlude (ILY),” “Tshinela,” which featured Rejoinder and Fizzy, and “Kids From Limpopo With Dreams (KFLWD),” readily comes to mind.

Get right into this heartfelt homage to one man who is truly deserving. Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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