Da L.E.S – Train Rides



The whole SA world is expecting nothing other than the upcoming “High Level” album of , which drops on September 29th. However, off that project of musical art is a banging tune titled “Train Rides.”

One thing you can’t deny with the brother is the terrific work ethic. Then, when you add the craft and talent, you know the North god deserves to have his name printed in gold.

He has just been influential with many of the stunning drops on the circuit of late with top-notch deliveries on verses. Efforts such asOff Boyz (Remix)” of 2Lee Stark and pH‘s Flight Mode,” readily come to mind.

However, when you put the whole year into better perspective and ‘ contribution to the “Hall Of Fame” collaborative album, then you know know the Popular Demand” hitmaker doesn’t get enough credit.

Well, “Train Rides” is now expected to give us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming work. The stunning lines didn’t falter a bit, the groove absolutely on point, and ‘ mien and floss, just massively in their trademark context.

You can already begin to enjoy the whole spice and flames of “Train Rides” but there’s a catch to it. You’ve got to pre-order the album to unlock the goodie bag.

However on Youtube below, and do remember to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.