Da Fresh x Athie – Boomin

Serial collaborators, and continues on their grind towards a successful campaign with the premiere of another blockbuster jam titled “Boomin.”

You know you cannot beat their streak as they continue to buzz even across various platforms with the premiere of their most recent sensation titled “The Fallen Soldier.”

Plus, in October of the past year, the hitmaking duo sanctioned the doped-out effort titled “Konakele” and we can still feel the fierceness of its drums.

However, such is the streak of their partnership that they have been able to mastermind such buzzers together too numerous to mention.

Records such as “Formation,” “eGoli,” “Yidedele,” “Umgido,” and “Gijima,” are some of the belters they have masterminded as a powerful tag team.

This time and with “Boomin,” and burns the speakers to shreds with a commercial slam that holds the potentials of dominating on a national scale.

The rain of banging beats and dope instrumentals fuses perfectly with the delivery of prodding vocals that will get you itching for the dance floor in an instant.

You definitely know it is all about the slick and sick moves as you try to connect with and make sense of this latest and engineering.

Simply stream, download, then share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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