Charley – Tunnel Vision

– Tunnel Vision

Uber-talented lyricist, commissions a brand new single and he titles this one “Tunnel Vision.” The rapper did open a window into his world as he goes for the broke leaving everything out to bare in the open.

This is as Yung Simba goes deep; employing a world of lyrical tact and poetic depth as he describes several personal issues including his family, hustle for the moolah and bank, as well the haters that abound.

simply progresses on “Tunnel Vision;” switching between eerie and scary sequences for more bright, bubbly and energetic sessions like a victory song and chant. It is impossible to actually get sucked into the overall artistic and creative process.

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We aren’t even surprised about the outing Charley has enjoyed on another solo run after he dropped “Doin’ The Most“in the past year. After all, he’s been part of some of the assault iCU as a group have unleashed on the circuit including “Milano“, and “Jerusalema“.

One thing is the fact that Charley does seem to be throwing down the gauntlet with this latest joint and we expect a world more scorchers off his vault, stash and stables.

Until then however, “Tunnel Vision” remains the current groove and you do not want to miss out on its rain of flames and fire.

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Simply grab a dose, then be sure to share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.


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